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Kristy Teskey Joins Faster Glass

We’re excited to announce the newest member of Faster Glass! Kristy Teskey joins the team as an Innovation Catalyst, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in Organizational Design and Systems Thinking.

Throughout her career, Kristy has created positive momentum for non-profits and philanthropic organizations. A strategist by nature, she believes the ‘path to better’ starts with asking the right questions – something that is essential to how Faster Glass helps clients develop innovative solutions to complex problems. “I am excited to join the team because they’re all about driving change through a human-centered approach, as that leads to greater and more sustainable innovation,” says Ms. Teskey.

Since 2010, Faster Glass has supported the innovation efforts of a diverse array of organizations, from Fortune 500 corporations to small & midsize companies to government agencies to non-profits. David Phillips, the founder of Faster Glass, says, “with Kristy on the team, we’re now better equipped to have an impact on critical social and civic issues that local communities want to address.” Kristy’s experience further enhances the team’s ability to serve organizations in the non-profit sector.

Please join us in welcoming Kristy Teskey to what we affectionately call our “band”! We are excited about the unique perspective she will bring to every engagement as we continue to grow.

As an Innovation Catalyst, Kristy works on large-scale Organizational Design transformation and innovation initiatives. Why should you reach out to her?

  • You aspire to drive social or civic change through innovation.

  • You want to take a human-centered approach to an organizational change to positively impact customers, employees, or other stakeholders.

  • You’ve got a wicked problem that involves diverse stakeholders with competing interests.

Contact Kristy today!


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