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Workshop Facilitation

Accelerate your progress from challenge to solution.

Generate inspired and innovative ideas that lead to better solutions faster.

Our approach taps into the knowledge and creativity of your people through structured, yet flexible workshops that produce results.

Solution Design Sprints


Got a wicked problem to solve? Need to get a project or team unstuck? Our Solution Design Sprints are accelerated, creative, and collaborative problem-solving workshops (or series of workshops) that utilize a structured, yet flexible process. Each event is customized to unleash the creativity of your people by equipping them to think differently. Participants collaborate to rapidly generate hundreds of ideas and then quickly select concepts to develop, test, and refine further. This process results in co-created concepts that benefit from diverse perspectives. In addition, participants walk away with a shared understanding of the challenge and potential solutions, which leads to greater buy-in going forward.

Strategic Visioning Workshops


As baseball great Yogi Berra said, "If you don't know where you're going, you might wind up someplace else." We agree, which is why we believe the first step to developing or revising an effective strategy is to clearly articulate what you hope to achieve and why. Our Strategic Visioning Workshops draw on your team's diversity of perspectives to craft your vision. Once you have a shared understanding of where you want to go, it's easier to develop the strategies and tactics needed to bring it to life. 

Input Gathering


When you are trying to make breakthrough changes, the cost of being wrong can be significant in terms of time, money, and credibility. One way to de-risk innovation is by intentionally soliciting input from stakeholders, especially when there are competing interests in play. Our Input Gathering workshops are designed to make room for all voices across diverse populations. We facilitate candid conversations that enable participants to better understand the various perspectives and nuances of a problem. This equips stakeholders to provide meaningful input that leads to better, more informed solutions and greater buy-in going forward.

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