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Facilitated Workshops

Accelerate your progress from challenge to solution.

Generate inspired and innovative ideas to select solutions faster.


Our approach taps into the diverse, collective intellect of your people through structured, yet flexible workshops that produce impactful results.

Solution Design Workshops


Got a wicked problem to solve? Need to get a project or team unstuck? Our Solution Design Workshops are an effective shortcut to learning without the risk of building and launching. Each event is customized to fully unleash the creativity of your people by equipping them to think differently. Participants will collaborate to rapidly generate hundreds of ideas. We provide a framework in which they filter out the strongest, most viable options to quickly test and refine further. The end result is a shared understanding of the primary objective and its accompanying innovative solutions.

Strategic Visioning Workshops


Peter Drucker said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." We agree: an empowered culture, combined with an informed strategy, is a sure route to organizational success. Our version of Strategic Planning draws on your teams diversity of perspective to generate and elicit the most innovative methods to propel your business forward. Participants will ideate and prototype both obvious and non-obvious tactics to realize business objectives. The end-result is an executable plan filled with impactful initiatives that drive sustainable success.

Input Gathering


When you are trying to make breakthrough changes, getting stakeholder input is essential. Complex efforts often require us to create alignment among competing agendas. Our Input Gathering workshops are designed to bring out all voices across diverse and incongruent teams. We take off the blindfolds and facilitate an honest, transparent conversation which enables participants to better understand the various perspectives, issues, and nuances of a problem. The resulting deep understanding leads to better, more informed solutions so that seemingly competing agendas realize common ground on which to build upon and move forward together.