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Project TBD (Transformation By Design) is a monthly event series in which we explore how Human-Centered Design can drive business, civic, and social innovation. The sessions are typically a mix of brief presentations and/or discussions with innovation practitioners followed by small group conversations.


Launched in 2023 to replace the Forward Faster series, Project TBD provides a forum where people from various backgrounds "collide and connect" with other equally curious-minded folks who share an interest in innovation, creative problem-solving, and Human-Centered Design. If this sounds like your kind of tribe, make plans to join us at an upcoming event. 

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A Human-Centered Approach to Generative AI

Friday, October 20, 2023

Hosted by Kingsmen Software

1801 N. Graham St.

Suite 310

Charlotte, NC 28206

8:00 AM Doors open

8:30 AM Program begins

9:30 AM Program ends

$20 General Admission

$10 Education

$10 Government

$10 Nonprofit

$10 Virtual

"We are four to five months into a hurricane of opportunity, and it is very early days, but I do think every software company will need significant expertise in AI and ML to identify the best opportunities specific to every business and to know how to explore and exploit."

Des Trainor, Co-Founder and
Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom

Generative AI is here, and it’s not just for software companies. In fact, it’s already transforming and disrupting industries around the world – and this roller coaster is just getting started. However, the technology itself may not be the biggest barrier to adoption for most organizations. Instead, the most significant obstacle may be human beings. People with families, careers, ambitions, and fears. Some who embrace change and some who abhor it. Some who like to live on the bleeding edge of new technology and some who will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new world for which they are currently ill-equipped.

All of this means success requires taking a human-centered approach to identifying where, how, when, and with whom organizations should “explore and exploit” what GenAI can do for them. But how, exactly, do we do that?


In the Oct. 20 session of Project TBD, we’ll look at how we can employ the principles and practices of Human-Centered Design to address the challenges that ride shotgun on our journey to new ways of working. We’ll also discuss lessons learned from earlier technology-fueled disruptions. Lastly, we'll explore how we might frame the relationship with GenAI to lower the resistance to adoption. (Spoiler alert: It involves Iron Man, airline pilots, and amateur gravediggers!) 


We hope you'll make plans to join us. Or just tell Siri to put it on your calendar. She'll take it from there.  :-)

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