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Innovation Training 

Unleash the power of innovation.

Drive game-changing innovation by training your team to see, think, and work differently.

Our Forward Faster Innovation Workshops are relevant, provocative, and impactful. Choose from three levels of engagement to ensure we meet your team where they are in their journey.

Aha! Moments
Fast and Focused

Start building your Innovation tool kit in these 60 – 90-minute workshops filled with perspective-altering activities. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Innovation. The sessions can stand alone or be linked together. Consider these options to introduce new concepts or address specific challenges. Aha! Moments are perfect for team events, lunch-and-learns, retreats, strategy meetings or just as a means to re-energize a group.

Most Popular

What is Design Thinking and Why Should I Care?

Creativity Loves Constraints

"Selling" Your Ideas

Skill Builders
Applicable Know-How


Participants will drive business results by applying new tools and techniques to problems worth solving. Each half or full day workshop is packed with opportunities for participants to "learn by doing" while employing the methodologies of Design Thinking. The workshops can stand alone or be combined to develop easily implementable ways of working more effectively. Skill Builders are perfect for groups or cross-functional teams who desire to establish a common language to foster collaboration and unlock their collective genius.

Most Popular

Brainstorming that Works!

Creative Problem Solving

Spotting Opportunities Hidden in Plain Sight

Transformational Change

Lasting Impact


Build a community of practice within your organization through an extended learning journey. Each program is highly customized around an organizational challenge to which participants apply their new skills. Over the span of 6 – 8 weeks the cohort will discover, reframe, ideate, prototype, test, refine and possibly launch a new solution. Transformational Change is perfect for organizations that want to establish a foundation of innovation within their culture or for cross-functional teams who have a wicked problem that needs to be solved quickly.

Popular Focus Areas

Experience Design Initiatives

Redesigning / Disrupting Processes

Identifying and Addressing Unarticulated Needs

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