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Innovation Consulting

Weave innovation into the fabric of your organization.

Leverage our Innovation Consulting expertise to forge lasting impact. 

Strategic Innovation Guidance


When you're responsible for developing or improving a new program, process, or service, sometimes you need expert advice. Sometimes you need an extra pair of highly capable hands. And sometimes you need both. Whether you're crafting a new customer-facing program or redesigning internal processes, we provide the know-how and capacity you need to get the results you want.

When a facilitated workshop isn't enough, we can augment your team to provide the ongoing coaching and support you need.

Build a Culture of Innovation

Fostering a culture of innovation is a challenging endeavor that requires more than just training. It is a complex but worthwhile effort that involves embracing failure and removing barriers to move forward faster. We assess your environment, then craft and implement a course of action to establish a new environment where innovation can flourish.

Experience Design


Intentional experience design is valuable not only for customers, but also employees, volunteers, and other stakeholders. Well-crafted experiences drive engagement and retention. We guide you through a structured process to identify and address the essential needs of your constituents. The end result is an intentionally designed experience that delights people and delivers results.

Design for Change


For new products or programs to be successful, some people must change their behavior in some way. Easier said than done. Through our human-centered approach to change, we help you identify what drives current behaviors and select methods and tools to "nudge" people to act differently.

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