Virtual Experience Design

There's still work to be done.
Now it needs to be done differently.

Deliver engaging events and workshops redesigned for a virtual experience.

Focus on what you do best, leave the rest to Faster Glass.

Virtual Live Speaker / Panel Events

If you need to get critical information out to an audience and enable effective interaction, we have the expertise. Whether it's information coming from a panel or a speaker, we ensure the design, moderation, and delivery works for a virtual environment.

Virtual Live Training

If you need to transition your current training to a virtual live environment or have new processes & procedures to educate your workforce on quickly, we are your partner. We will collaborate to ensure the information you need to deliver works most effectively for a virtual delivery channel.

Virtual Live Collaboration

If you need to convene your people in a virtual environment where they can collaborate visually and work effectively to develop solutions to significant challenges, we can help.

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