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We ignite business, civic, and social innovation.

Unleash the creativity of your people to fuel innovation.


We are in the business of moving organizations forward faster. Through our training, facilitation, and consulting services, we help people co-create innovative solutions to their biggest challenges.



Strengthen your team's innovation capabilities.

Accelerate your progress from challenge to solution.

Leverage our expertise to forge lasting impact.





Check out what innovation looks like with Faster Glass.

Why Choose Faster Glass

We eat our own dog food

We are constantly disrupting ourselves to bring the most innovative approaches to our clients. We are wired to make things better and that extends to our tools and techniques, as well.

Our diversity of perspective

Clients trust us to provide uncommon insights due to our diverse backgrounds and history of success across a wide range of industries.

We fall in love with your problem

Experience has taught us that focusing too early on a given solution often results in solving the wrong problem. Our clients get results because we obsess over their challenges rather than settling on pre-defined solutions.

"One of the best, if not THE best, ideation sessions I have participated in. Very well run and organized. Great ideas came from it, and were validated by consumers on the same day. It was a wonderful session."

New Product Development Workshop

“Overall, I thought the training was an excellent experience for the team. Both field exercises were energizing and informative. I felt that the learning experience was enhanced by having a lot of brief exercises and then getting immediate feedback on what went well and what we could have done better.”

Pfizer Animal Health

Innovation Training Program

Our Clients


Some of Charlotte's most well-known brands trust Faster Glass to help them create disruptive teams, products and services.