Nancy Schreiber
Play Advocate

Most people describe Nancy as professional and as they get to know her better, also see her silly side.  Beneath her professional exterior, Nancy is always looking for ways to bridge work and play and believes it is in this meeting ground – call it the zone, the sweet spot, or just plain fun at work -  that people get their best ideas and make their fullest contributions.  Nancy pursued a career in Corporate HR and Talent Development guided by an ideal to help others build meaningful, fulfilling careers.   At Faster Glass, Nancy leverages her deep experience as a facilitator, coach and consultant to support clients to recover their creative vitality and boost their capacity to innovate in a world of an ever-increasing change and disruption.


Before joining Faster Glass, Nancy worked at TIAA consulting with leaders at all levels to invest in their talent and create empowering workplace cultures.  She has experience leading learning teams, managing change, coaching leaders, and designing and facilitating workshops and team events.  Nancy is fortunate to have collaborated with many bright and creative colleagues and to experience first-hand the power of small engaged teams to solve big organizational challenges.  A life-long learner, Nancy has numerous training certifications and is a graduate of the Innovation Institute.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Rutgers University.


Nancy lives in Charlotte with her husband and retired racing greyhound.  She loves to expand her creative repertoire by dabbling in painting and mixed media art and in attempting to plant gardens that can withstand hungry deer and rabbits (the greyhound no longer chases).


Little Known Fact

Nancy is afflicted with real estate restlessness and generally moves and/or undertakes a major renovation every four years or so.