About Us

Our Why

Our Why
Our mission is to help others see, think, and work differently in order to spark positive disruption. We have found Human-Centered Design, with its focus on empathy, exploration, inclusive co-creation, and experimentation, to be a structured, yet highly flexible vehicle for bringing that mission to life. 


We'll be the first to say what we do isn't rocket surgery. In fact, we firmly believe much of Human-Centered Design is common sense, just not common practice. We're committed to changing that.

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We're often asked, "Where did the name Faster Glass come from?"


Well, here's the story . . . .


Our Team

David Phillips
Innovation Provocateur

Equal parts educator, facilitator, and instigator, David has devoted his professional life to helping people make things better. He founded Faster Glass in 2010 as a way to combine his passion for sharing the principles of innovation and design, his impatience with blindly accepting the status quo, and his quest to find the perfect root beer float. (Travel has its perks!)


David spent six years at Bank of America where he developed and led programs focused on integrating the principles of innovation into a Six Sigma culture. He also served as a subject matter expert “on loan” to China Construction Bank as they built their new product innovation lab. Prior to his time in financial services, David served in a wide range of capacities in public accounting, public education, and the U.S. Air Force.


David draws on his diversity of experience to approach situations from different perspectives and to enable others to do the same. Based in Charlotte, David also enjoys being a husband, father, photographer, musician, and mountain biker, even as he is often reminded of his amateur status in all five endeavors. 


David earned a B.S in Education (cum laude) from Louisiana Tech University.


Little Known Fact

David once danced with football legend Johnny Unitas. True story!

Dan Black
Innovation Architect
Dan Black Photo (Square).jpg

Building businesses is in Dan’s DNA. The people who know him best would say, “If he’s figured it out and everything is running smoothly, chances are you’re less than six months from a change.” It’s this passion for constant positive change which makes him such a great fit with the Faster Glass team.


Dan’s breadth and depth of experience make for a substantial toolkit he brings to every engagement. He is a skilled facilitator who designs educational experiences which drive performance. As a business strategist, Dan has helped organizations large and small, both for-profit and non-profit, grow and succeed. His professional career spans PwC, Bank of America (in both Marketing and Technology), and two of his own businesses in Real Estate and Sales Leadership Training. In his last position at a custom learning and development company, he guided a team which served over 130 companies globally by crafting results-focused training solutions.


Dan’s true strength comes in his ability to help his clients establish a shared vision of what they are trying to accomplish. He then works with them to architect plans to execute on the vision. Dan’s aptitude for creative problem solving and connecting seemingly unrelated dots, combined with an infectious air of “joy in the challenge,” has earned him the reputation of a person who does serious work but doesn’t take himself too seriously.


Dan earned a B.S. in Mass Media Communications from George Mason University and considers himself a native of Charlotte simply due to the fact he’s been here since Independence Blvd. was a two-lane road. He lives with his wife of 20 years, Blair, and their two children, Mason and Sophia.

Little Known Fact

Dan lived in 16 different states and 3 countries before the age of 18. (Just one of the perks of being one of five sons of a U.S. Marine Corps officer!)

Lynne Ingersoll
Experience Engineer

From the day Lynne landed on the planet, she has been driven by a sense of wonder, curiosity, and adventure. Her interests are broad and deep.


Starting her career in retail, Lynne fell in love with creating service experiences. After moving into manufacturing, she learned the importance of process for turning ideas into market realities. Segueing into healthcare, Lynne gained insights into constant change and communication. In addition to collaborating with Faster Glass, she runs xplorleadership, a consultancy blending the metaphor of travel with the journey of leadership and team development.


Lynne's expertise lies in co-creating solutions that build on the bright spots found within individuals and organizations. The goal is to translate learning into doing. She has worked in leadership roles with Tommy Hilfiger, Burt’s Bees, Vietri, and Carolinas HealthCare System.


Lynne earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Master of Science in Organization Development along with a Coaching Certificate from Queens University of Charlotte. Instead of a shrink, she is an expander. She enjoys digging in the dirt and being outside.


Little Known Fact

Lynne can spot a four-leaf clover while walking and she loves sledding.

Torie Reinhart
Creativity Catalyst

Torie is a creative soul, catalyst of conversation, and collaboration consultant.  At Faster Glass, Torie’s passions for mindful design, engaging collaboration, and continuous learning are leveraged to ignite future thinking in a client’s organization.


Before joining the Faster Glass team, Torie honed her project management, research, and strategy skills at The Innovation Studio at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. In her role as Project Manager and Innovation Lead at the Studio, Torie and her team were the first to apply design thinking using a Hollywood studio model. They created scalable and sustainable business models based on ground-breaking public health research at the University.


In her previous life, Torie ignited her interest in creativity and entrepreneurialism as a patent and trademark lawyer where she helped clients bring their products to market. She transitioned to innovation and design when she discovered her love for working with entrepreneurs. In the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Torie devoted her professional life to guiding passionate people to their fullest potential and the most efficient use of their valuable resources.


In addition to collaborating with the team at Faster Glass, Torie blends her knowledge in design thinking with her experience as a lawyer to manage the logistics of raising three young children with her husband. She is also a world traveler and practicing foodie with an ever-growing list of restaurants she would love to try in her adoptive city of Charlotte.


Little Known Fact

Torie can hold a headstand for 20 minutes.

Joann Stylianos
Digital Strategist
Joann Stylianos v2.jpg

If there is one thing Joann is passionate about it’s the transformational power of emerging technologies.  In her early twenties, Joann founded a digital design and marketing agency during the fledgling days of interactive design and internet marketing.  As an early adopter of open-source software, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and paid social advertising, she was able to catapult her clients to the forefront of the digital space, forever changing the trajectory of their businesses.


After 16 years of agency ownership, Joann became the Director of Marketing and Design for a global provider of employee recognition programs.  There she led a team of user experience designers in the creation of employee engagement software and a team of marketers in the creation of engaging digital content.


Joann has returned to her passion for helping small to midsize businesses because she derives immense satisfaction from providing clients with the knowledge and tools needed to disrupt large, incumbent competitors.  When Joann partners with bold, forward-thinking clients, they are able to design and deploy innovative digital products and strategies that produce real results.


Little Known Fact

Joann once illustrated a children's book.


Vanessa Vaughn
Innovation Alchemist
Vanessa Vaughn (square).jpg

Vanessa specializes in crisis management, resilience, and business continuity. So what does this have to do with innovation? Simple - Vanessa is a firm believer in the notion that you should "never waste a crisis", as these situations often represent innovation opportunities.


In addition to being part of the Faster Glass band, Vanessa is the Founder of Asfalis, a business resilience advisory firm. The Asfalis team works with customers who are concerned about the safety and security of their employees and customers and those who are tasked with doing more with fewer resources.


Vanessa’s background in Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Business Continuity, positioned her to support organizations at all levels of government, corporate, and non-profit environments. In her diverse 10+ year career, she has gained experience in terrorism mitigation, policy writing, emergency operations centers, risk mitigation, long-term housing planning, and developed public-private partnerships to build resilient organizations.


Vanessa and team have worked with customers in aviation, manufacturing, retail, sports and entertainment, and transportation and logistics where they assist customers with creating a culture of resilience and minimize silos in the risk management framework.


Vanessa was appointed to the City of Charlotte’s International Cabinet, and she serves as the Director of Community Relations for National Black MBA Association. She earned a Master's in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina, a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Savannah State University, and she is a Certified Business Continuity Planner through Disaster Recovery Institute International.


Little Known Fact

Vanessa's up-close experience with a tornado influenced her decision to focus her professional life on crisis management, resilience, and business continuity. 


Travis Williams
Travis Williams 1.2_0,5x.jpg

If you ask Travis about his idea of a good time, he’ll more than likely be sure to include ceiling to floor whiteboards, engaged listeners, and imported coffee. He is well known for his analytical nature and unorthodox thinking. Using his affinity for numbers and quantitative analysis, Travis spends his spare time analyzing and riding the waves of various financial markets. Travis is a Forex trader that loves challenging conventional indicators by creating his own. 


He believes that disruption is an essential starting point for solving complex problems. Using this belief, he actively participates in community development projects in the Charlotte area. He also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Gift Box Shop LLC, the only retailer that intentionally helps the incarcerated community stay connected to loved ones through the act of gift giving. 


As a self-taught Spanish speaker, Travis understands the importance of forgetting everything that you know (or think you know) when exploring new ideas. He is an avid reader, and his favorite authors include Michelle Alexander, Napoleon Hill, and Robert Green. 


A native of Kannapolis, NC, Travis is a Business Economics major who plans to use his degree to empower the disenfranchised community while providing innovative strategies to close the economic wealth gap. 


Little Known Fact

Travis is obsessed with finding philosophical references within The Matrix trilogy.